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Submit A Request to Sponsor Wireless Guest Access for an Individual or Group
CCIT provides access to the school's wireless network free of charge for individuals visiting the campus for activities associated with or sponsored by the Colorado School of Mines. This includes individual guests of Mines employees, attendees of conferences or meetings sponsored by Mines or Mines employees and participants in summer programs sponsored by Mines residence life. This does not include groups or individuals renting space (i.e., meeting facilities, apartments or rooms in a residence hall) for activities not sponsored by Mines.
Access is provided via one of two mechanisms:
  • Unauthenticated guests have limited network access. They may use http[s], email and a VPN but nothing else. This type of access should be sufficient for the majority of campus visitors. It does NOT require a username or password: guests simply enter their email address. If unauthenticated access is sufficient for your guest you do not need to submit this request.
  • Authenticated guests (a.k.a. sponsored guests) have full network access. A Mines employee must sponsor them so they can obtain a username and password that logs them into the network. If you wish to sponsor network access for your guest you must read and acknowledge the guest sponsor policy and submit this form. Note that from the perspective of the Mines network authenticated guests are still “off campus” in that they are placed outside the campus firewall and have the same access to our resources as the general public. If your guest needs access to protected school resources please contact CCIT for information about custom roles.
Please Note:
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Your Contact Information:   Note that only Mines Employees may sponsor guest access.

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First Name:
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Campus Role:

Please give a brief description of the event or visit.

Name of Guest or Group:
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Note: Please allow five business days for processing completion.

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Acknowledgment of responsibility
I have read and the network guest sponsor policy and acknolwedge that:
  1. The purpose of the visit or sponsored event is related to the goals and missions of Mines and is consistent with all Mines policies and procedures.
  2. I will make all guests aware of all applicable Mines and CCIT policies.
  3. None of the guests for whom I am requesting access are under the age of 18.
  4. For the purpose of Mines network and computer use policies, I acknowledge that I am the responsible party for any network activity that results from machines registered by this guest.

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