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Speed Routing: By including your best estimate of the Problem/Request Type for your request, we can more quickly direct your request to the appropriate Support Staff.

Example Problem/Request Type:
Choose the category that best fits your problem or request.
Blackboard Login/account problems; account/course requests for instructors.
Computer Classroom/Lab Support issues related to the ADIT PC domain (open PC labs and department using the ADIT domain), isengard (linux lab), classroom technology (SmartBoards, computer teaching labs, etc.).
EKey Username/EKey not working for account activation or changing a password.
Email Login/account problems for campus email accounts; INBOX quota problems; spam filtering help.
Trailhead Login/account problems; problems with CSM Groups; suggestions for new channels or improvements.
Other Please select Other when your problem does not fit into any of other categories and include a category in the text box.