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MHC: Support Request

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 Include a short description of your request or suggestion.
 Please submit unrelated problems, issues or suggestions as separate requests.

 *Email Address: 

       MINES EMAIL ADDRESS PREFERRED. If you are reporting problems with your Mines email account (eg, can't retrieve email), please include another email address AND other contact information so that we can contact you.

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Mines Login ID/Username: [?] Mines Username (Login ID):
Your Mines Username is the used to log
into Mines computing systems. If you are a student
or employee, your username is the part before
"@mines.edu" in your email address.
New Mines computer users select their username
during account claim.

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Include building & room number...
especially important if work is needed
for a computer in a classroom or lab.

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Account Claim & Returning Users [?]
Account Claim & Returning Users:
- Account Claim issues.
- Returning users needing their Mines account re-established.

If you haven't already, please see
for additional information.

Account, Login, Password [?]
Account, Login, Password:
Username/Password not working for logging into Mines systems.

And already tried using the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD link at

Audio Visual/Podiums [?]
Audio Visual/Podiums:
Support issues related to instructional technology equipment (eg. projectors, audio, podiums).

Canvas [?]
- Login/account problems.
- Questions, problems or suggestions related to the Canvas learning management system.

Computer Classrooms/Labs [?]
Computer Classrooms/Podiums:
Support issues related to classroom computers.

Desktop/Laptop/Research Lab [?]
Desktop/Laptop/Research Lab:
Computer (desktop or laptop) issues for faculty and staff in most
Academic Departments, Administrative Departments and research labs.

Email Issues:
    Desktop/Mobile Devices: Configurations [?]
Desktop/Mobile Device Email:
- Mail setup on desktops or mobile
- Outlook problems.

    Exchange Online Migration [?]
Exchange Online Migration:
- Questions or issues related to migration of your
  Mines Exchange account to Office 365 email/calendar.
- Questions or issues related to reconfiguring your
  email or calendar applications for access your Office
  365 email/calendar.

    Login, Shared Mailboxes and Calendars, Quotas [?]
- Login/account problems for campus email accounts.
- MyMail or Microsoft Outlook Web Access (MOWA)
- INBOX quota problems.
- Spam filtering help.

Health Portal [?]
Health Portal:
Problems or questions related to logging in or using the Health Portal.

HR & Payroll [?]
Problems or questions related to benefits, payroll, paystubs, etc.
Information Privacy [?]
Information Privacy:
Questions or concerns regarding the use, control, or disclosure of personal information.

OrePrint [?]
Questions related to printing via OrePrint.

Office 365 (O365) [?]
Office 365:
- Questions or issues related to Microsoft Office 365 access
or Microsoft Office downloads via a Pro Plus license.
- For issues related to using Microsoft Office, please select the Desktop/Laptop/Research/Lab category.

Office of Research Administration [?]
Office of Research Administration (ORA):
Questions related to proposals, contracts, account management of sponsored
research projects and associated funding.

Registration/Grades/Transcripts [?]
- Student registration and transcript issues.
- Problems within the Registration or Student Records sections in Self Service.
- Faculty issues with grading, viewing course rosters or waitlists, etc.
- Problems within the Faculty Services sections in Self Service.
- Questions or problems related to classroom scheduling (Astra system).
- Campus directory entries for students.

Student Billing [?]
Student Billing:
Problem or questions related to Student Accounts and Student Billing.

Trailhead [?]
- Login issues.
- Problems accessing Self Service, DiggerNet, ePrint, Vacation/Sick Leave through Trailhead.
- Problems accessing Parking Registration or National Student Clearing House using your Trailhead credentials.
- Suggestions for new channels or improvements.

Travel  Expense Management (TEM) [?]
Travel & Expense Management (TEM):
Questions, problems or suggestions related to the Travel & Expense Management application (TEM)

Web Site Issues [?]
Questions, problems or suggestions related to campus web services
or web sites (e.g., on www.mines.edu and inside.mines.edu).

Windows 10 Upgrade [?]

Windows 10 Upgrade:
For questions about, or requests for upgrading your CCIT-managed
computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Other/Unsure (list):

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Please contact the Computer Commons Front Desk (CTLM 156A or 303-273-3431) if you experience problems using this form.